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English Shayari

My stomach seems to turn over when you are around.
I seem to get nervous and really happy at the same time
when you are around.
I know my face lights up when you are around.
You make me laugh to thing

English Shayari submitted by : - pratham

You seem to be the one and I'm not sure why.
I think I'm in love, but what is love?
I've looked into your eyes,
and have seen a side of you no one else has seen.
I've touched your hand, and I started to tremble.
I've talked to you about things
that I have never talked to anyone about before.
What are these feelings that I am having?

English Shayari submitted by : - pratham

These feelings are like no other that I have had.
These feelings are more like something I've dreamed.
I have never had these feelings before now.
What are these feelings that I am having?

A Friendship is Sweet when its NEW
Its Sweeter when its TRUE
But Its Sweetest when the friend is like U.

have a special place in my heart,
Whether we are near or far apart...

Never wound hearts that love you,
Never give them the endless pain,
Because wounded hearts,
Are like roses that never bloom...

What is boy???
An idle lad,
Who is always fed,
Jealous on anybody who is ahead,
Never trust the fool,
A stupid big bull,
To help anyone he never dares,
For his parents he never cares,
So try to avoid boys,
They play with girls,
As if they are toys...

English Shayari submitted by : - soni

What is a BEAUTIFUL Girl???
An innocent dove,
A pillar of beauty,
A temple of love,
A faithful companion,
A friend in distress,
The richest treasure a man can possess..

What is a BEAUTIFUL woman???
- Subtraction of Money,
+ Addition of Problems,
* Multiplication of Enemies,
/ Division of Friends...

All men are like grass
And all their glory is like the
Flower of the field,
The grass withers and the flower falls,
But the word of LOVE stands forever..

Tree is full of leaves,
Sky is full of stars,
Sea is full of water,
And my heart....
Is full of your LOVE....

A new day today,
A new day tomorrow,
There isn't going to be a new LOVE...
is shayari is taken from www

Remember me from day to day,
Remember me when far away,
When a grave should be my bed,
And remember me when i am dead...

Beauty of your soul enlighten my life,
You are the one whom I Love, I care for..
Radiance of your smile brightens my days,
I love to hold you, to see you, to feel you..
There is no one so humble, so kind like you,
You are my everything, my world..
I can sense your presence,
I can feel your fragrance,
You are the most beautiful happening of my life..

You have a special place in my heart,
Whether we are near or far apart...

Without You
my mind stops thinking?
without you
my lips stop speaking?
without you
my night are sleepless?
without you
my eyes stop dreaming?
without you
my ears stop hearing?
without you
my heart beats in distress

English Shayari submitted by : - dimple


I can't live without you,
I can't even die without you,
you are my dream, my desire, my passion....
you are the one whom I love more than anything, more than anyone,
You are my life, my love, my world..
I can't even think about life without you,
you are my inspiration, my power, my weakness...
I feel your presence all the time,
You are my ecstasy, my spirit, my soul...
I can't face the hardships of life without you,
You are my strength, my confidence, my triumph...

English Shayari submitted by : - pratham

This world is an illusion,
relations are an illusion,
love is an illusion,
even life is an illusion,
only death is a reality...


What appears to be the end
May really be a new beginning...


Roses are red
My heart is sad
A smile from you
Will make me glad...

English Shayari submitted by : - pratham



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