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Send your Cool SMS at sms@mumbaimirchi.com and give yourself a chance to win exciting prizes.
It feels nice when some1 misses u, feels good when some1 loves u. feels better when some1's with u. But it feels the best when some1 never 4gets u. Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful, May u have all the 3, As u begin each day.
Every life in this world has been painted by God's own hands,That's why I am thankful God,coz when he painted my life he included a lovely color that is U..!!.!!.

Cool SMS submitted By :- ajit
As it is promised by the wind,
As it is tendered in the heart,
As it is written across the sky
Love makes all things possible.
Love is hope's shining star.
Happiness is not in our circumstances, but in ourselves.
It is not something we see, like a rainbow,
or feel, like the heat of a fire.
Happiness is something we are.
Do you know that a simple HELLO can be so sweet?
H: How r u?
E: Everything all right?
L: Like to c u.
L: Love 2 hear from u
O: Obviouslly miss u...
Laugh like U've never cried.Play Like U've never lost.Love like U've never been hurt & Live Like there is no TOMORROW,Have a Bindas Day!!!!
to see light,look at sun..to see love look at moon..to see beauty,look at nature..to see hope,look at future..but,to see all of this,look at the mirror....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is chemistry.Dilute ur sorrows,evaporate ur worries,filter ur
happiness & u'll find crystals of LoVe may u get best in the LiFe..
Our communication - Wireless
Our telephone - Cordless
Our cooking - Fireless
Our youth - Jobless
Our food - Fatless
Our labour - Effortless
Our conduct - Worthless
Our relation - Loveless
Our attitude - Careless
Our feelings - Heartless
Our politics - Shameless
Our education - Valueless
Our arguments - Baseless
"Our bosses - hopeless"

Our Salary - Veryless

How 2 fall in love: 1. fall but dnt stumble; 2. b consistnt nt persistnt; 3. understnd but dnt demand; 4. share & nevr b unfair; 5. Hurt but never keep d pain.

Cool SMS submitted By :- amit
9 lessons in life:
Learn 2 care, learn 2 smile, learn 2 cry, learn 2 give, learn 2 forgive, learn to share, learn to trust, learn 2 love & learn 2 SMS me DAILY...!!!
They say it takes a minute 2 fine a special person, an hour 2 appreciate them, a day 2 love them, but then an entire life 2 forget them
Genuine People r those, who r without hesitation, remember without limitations, forgive without any explanations & love even with little communication

Cool SMS submitted By :- mahesh
The most selfish
' I ' -
Avoid it.

Use it.

Kill it.

Most used

Nobody wants u, nobody makes u happy.
Nobody love u. Nobody misses u.
Nobody cares abt u.
My name is nobody!

Cool SMS submitted By :- jay
LIFE is 4 living,
i live mine 4 you!
LOVE is 4 giving,
i give mine 2 you!
DREAMS are 4 dreaming,
mine are 4 you!
HEARTS are 4 beating,
mine beats 4 you!
When God open the window of heaven he saw me & asked "Wht is ur wish 2day?" I said" Lord, Take Care of the DEAR ONE who is reading this SMS!" help ever....
hurt never....
love ever....
hate never....
give ever...
except never...
smile ever...
cry never...
think me ever...
forget me never
Relationship is like a garden it's beautiful when watered with love hug tears & cheers but it dries up if left untouched.. so keep in touch always!!!!

Cool SMS submitted By :- sagar
The most selfish 1 letter word "I" Avoid it. The most satisfying 2-letter word "WE" Use it. The most poisonous 3-letter word "EGO" Kill it. The most used 4-letter word "LOVE" Value it. The most pleasing 5-letter word "SMILE" Keep it. The fastest spreading 6-letter word "RUMOUR" Ignore it. The hardest working 7-letter word "SUCCESS" Achieve it. The most enviable 8-letter word "JEALOUSY" Distance it. The most powerful 9-letter word "KNOWLEDGE" Acquire it.
Life is full of beautiful things : soft sunset,pointed Rainbow,
dedicate blossoms,love & laughter
,Quiet moments & fantastic people like U & ME !!!!!!
Hi, keep messaging me and win exciting prizes,

First Prize - Lots of Love
Second Prize - Lifetime Friendship
Third Prize - Free Stay in My Heart
Know what makes me happy wen u msg me?
Not ur Jokes, Graphics or sweet msgs but ur NAME that "APPEARS" on the cell when it beeps knowing that u remember me.
No matter how uglY YoU ThinK YoU are,
BuT ThE Special SomeonE WhO LoveS U Believes That
U R The MosT Beautiful & IrrestiablE ThinG ON EartH and NO OnECaN ChangE IT.
Learn to Love d people who r willing to Love u at present,
4get d people d past and Thank dem 4hurting u which let u to Love d people u have rite now!

Cool SMS submitted By :- pratham
If love is water, I'll give u the ocean.
If kisses are spaces, I'll give u the universe...
If heat was your love & care,
how I wish the sun was beside me...
God in heaven God above please protect the friend i love.Sent wiv a smile:-) sealed with a kiss.i love my friend whos reading this If 100% of people Love u,
make Sure I'm one of them,
if 99% hate u,
make sure I'm the 1% which Love u,
If 100% hate u,
make sure i am dead.
One tree can start a forest, One smile can start a relationship, One touch can show luv & care & One person like U can make life worth living... God Bless U dear! Luv meanz to see someone with closed eyez,
to miss some1 in crowd,
2 find some1 in every thought,
to live 4 some1, luv some1, but sure tht sum1 is ONLY one!
V Never Have What V Like, V Never Like What V Have, Still V Live,Luv N Hope That Sum Day Vll Get What V Luv, OR Luv What V Have. Thats LIFE i cant txt u roses or fax u my heart.id email u kisses but wed stil b apart.i luv u 2 pieces n just wish ud c dat i care 4 u so much coz u mean da world 2 me.
Wantin u is easy missin u is hard.Wishin u was wiv me wrapped up in my arms.Constantly think of u wen we r apart.Ive got the padlock u hav the key to my heart Friendship is a little more trust, a little less try,
a little more laugh, a little less cry,
a little more luv, a little less fight
a little more WE & a little less I
sms doesnt only MEAN



but it also mean




wid luvd ones like u....
Simple Bye makes us cry,
Simple joke makes us Laugh,
Simple care makes us fall in Luv,
Simple Touch makes us feel better,
But i hope my simple MSG makes u smile!

Cool SMS submitted By :- pratham
Never blame a day in ur life...Good Days Give u happiness..Bad days give u Experience...Both are essential in life...!!! All are God s blessings!!!...Have a nice day.. When we sigh about our problems, they grow D_O_U_B_L_E. But when we laugh about them... they become ö ö ö ö ö BuBBLes! Have a bubbly life!
If a smile could be a rain drop i would wish that it keeps raining throughout ur life so that there may be no place for tears in ur life.

Cool SMS submitted By :- pratham
"A" ki Biwi "B",
"B" ki Bhabhi "C",
"C" ki beti "V",
"V" ka dada "G"
"G" ki biwi "K",
"K" ki beti "T",

To batao 'A" or "T" ka kya rishta hua?
Reply only in 2 Minutes...
Each moment of ur life is a picture which u had never seen before. And which ull never see again so enjoy & live life & make each moment beautiful.... Hey listen....two people were asking me about u, I gave them ur address and cell no. They will b visiting u soon. Their names r Joy n Happiness.
Without ur SMS days are like- MOANDAY TEARSDAY WASTEDAY THIRSTDAY FRIGHTDAY SHATTERDAY & SADDAY So SMS me everyday!!!! Every sunset gives us one day less to live! But every sunrise give us, one day more to hope! So, hope for the best. Good Day & Good Luck!
Last night I asked my Angel 2 watch over U...but it came soon.I asked: WHY? it smiled and said: an Angel doesn t watch over another Angel...

Cool SMS submitted By :- sujal
... Good Time

Bad Time

Day Time

Work Time

Off Time

Night Time

Happy Time

Sad Time

Sleep Time


APUN ka SMS aa sakta hai...
Life can be hard & not always fun.But as night brings dark mornin brings sun.Wen life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care.Give me a call coz I'll always b there!

Cool SMS submitted By :- kalpesh
When nights r long
& friends r few

I sit by my window
& think of u

A silent whisper
a silent tear

With all my heart
i wish you were here.

A raindrop may luk 2 smal 2 eyes bt sumwhere a thirsty flower await its fall. A small sms may seem 2 smal 2 u but sumwhere a heart remembers u when it receives your sms. Keep SMS'ing Court Order !! U R Accused of Crawling into my inbox & Hijacking My Smile with ur cute msgs. U R Sentenced 2b MY SWEET FRIEND 4 LIFE TIME.
zindegi terebina adhura hai.najane q teremere beech meinye doori hai.sochta hun kabhi bhuladun tujhko.per tera ek muskan meri kamjori hai I #
I >>
I #
I, , ,
Bcoz u 4GT TO SMS me, i''am commiting SUICIDE...miser
--=OcEaN =--

Wherever you are...
My prayers are with you...

Take Care!!
Pleaz pray 4 me...

( c ' ?
>-- </")

..My medical
results diagnosed
that Im becoming
cuter daily.

But don't worry
its not contagious;




      ; )

( )
      ; )
( )

      ; )

      ; *

      ; )

Dedicate time 2 enjoy, its d secret of youth. Dedicate time 4 ur friends, its d path 2 happiness. Dedicate time 2 love n b loved., its 2 source of joy n satisfaction. HELLO !!!!
Treat life as a sea, heart as a seashore and friends like waves. It never matters how many waves are there? What matters is which one touches the seashone If U like me ya hate me both is advantageous & beneficial to me!!!Bcoz if u like me Ill be in ur heart & if U hate me Ill be in ur mind....
To meet & depart is the way of life,But to depart & meet is the hope of life.We meet to create memories,But we depart to preserve it.... Ishq Mohobbat to sabhi karte hain,Gum-e-Judai se woh sabhi darte hain.Hum to na ishq karte hain,Na mohobbat karte hain bas apno ki ek smile ke liye SMS karte hain!!!.
SORRY.... SORRY.... SORRY.....SORRY....Don t get confused ,Arey Baba SORRY means: S-Some,O-One Is,R-Really,R-Rememberinhg Y-You.....Have A wonderful day.... I know U R So-So-So -B-U-S-Y
But...Take... 3 Seconds to think of me
1... ...
2... ...

So Sweet. now continue ur work..
hearts change,i know they do... but this heart will always belong to u...hearts hurt, i know they do... but this heart hurts more without you..... The smile is like a simcard and life is like a Cellphone,whenever you insert the Simcard of a smile a beautiful day is activated...
We are like PENCIL,best part of us is inside,We make marks as we touch others lives,we make mistakes,we erase but we become better as we are sharpned... Sweet fruits r nice 2 eat, sweet words r nice 2 say, but sweet people r really hard 2 find. My goodness, how the hell did u manage 2 find m
__||___ _'::::::::'=._,/
I___ '_,_____________/ ''
jo asaani se mile wo hai gum,jo mushkil se miloe wo hai paisa,jo kisi kisi ko mile wo hai pyaar,jo naseeb walo ko mile wo hai APUN KA SMS
Every second God remembers you, Every minute God bless you, Every hour God cares for you because... Every day I pray God to take care of U. May your salty days be peppered with spicy love. May u bask in lemon sunshine, play on strawberry fields, under a vanilla sky.. in short have a Yummy day!
Take a deep breath,Stand near the window,Look at the sky,There will be two stars twinkling brightly,u know what they are????They are my eyes always taking care of U.. Golden Facts of Life:-When someone loves U,U dont realise it...When U realise it,Its too late,U always love the one who leaves U & Leave the one who loves U...
Life gives answer in 3 ways... It says Yes & gives u what u want, it says no and gives u something better, it says wait and gives u the Best! Have a Gud Day. GOD is always playing CHESS with each one of us. He makes Moves in our LIFE & then sits back to see how we react to the CHALLENGES ... So make the best move before CHECKMATE....
Kashti chali samandar main mil jai ga kinara,,, IsSMS se poch lena Aap k bina kiya haal hai humara??? Hum aap ko itna yaad kerte hain jitna aap hame yaad kerte hain.Firq sirf itna hai keh hum yaad kerke SMS kerte hain aap SMS perh ker yaad kerte hain. AAPAKE MIS CALL BHI KYA BAAT HAIN.AAPAKE SMS BHI DIN RAAT HAIN.kABHI KABHI EKHADI PHONE BHI KIYA KARO.sUNA HAIN AAPAKE AWAAZ ME BHI KHAS BAAT HAIN.

Cool SMS submitted By :- sagar
Heart can Skip beat for a while... Memories can be kept in d file... A desert can be replaced by Nile. But nothing can stop a smile,when ur name comes on my MOBILE. my Smile+my Joy+my Pleasure+my Life+my reliefe+my Honour+my pride Ur one SMS.Ab socho aapake SMS ki keemet kya hain.

She Said I Am Cheater I Remained Quiet 
She Said I Have No Heart I Remained Quiet 
She Said I Have I EGO Problem I Remained Quiet 
She Said Its All Over Now I Remained Quiet 
As She Was Leaving , 
I Noticed Sumthing But Remained Quiet 
Her Eyes Were Full Of Tear, 
I Hugged Her But Remained Quiet 

cool sms by sama

The Four Looks Of "LIFE" 
I) Look Back And Get Experience 

Ii) Look Forward And See Hope 

Iii) Look Around And See Reality 

Iv) Look Within And Feel Confident! 

Cool sms by rajani

How Much Love In Your Heart....? CHOOOOOSE... 100 % ( Call Me) 50 % ( Sms Me ) 25 % ( Only A Ring) 0 % NO Answer) Regards !!!!!

Cool SMS submitted By :- ajit
My cell phone loves it when u sms: its little face lights up, bursts in to beeps and has ur name written all over it. I think u should sms more often, i think it likes u!

Vacancy Post-True Friend.
Eligiblity-Loving & caring
Duty-To love
Experience-Not reqiured.
Salary- Never Ending Love.
Are you interested...

Every life in this world has been painted by God's own hands,That's why I am thankful God,coz when he painted my life he included a lovely color that is U..!!.!!.



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