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Send your Good Night SMS at sms@mumbaimirchi.com and give yourself a chance to win exciting prizes.
The morning is just a few moments away.
Go to sleep and when you wake up,
remember me as a friend who is always there for you and never let you down.

Good night SMS submitted by:- Pratham
I wanted to greet U Good Morning but walked too Slow so
ThinGs 2 TaKe NoTe WheN u SleeP:
1st-MiSS Me
2nd-ThInk oF Me
3rd-HuG Me
4th-LoVE mE.
TrY 2 SlEEp NoW &
ClOSe Ur EyeS.
Get PrePaReD 2 DrEaM oF mE!
Gd NiTe!
Leårn 2 love the people who åre willing to love U åt present.4get the people in the påst & thank dem 4 hurting U which led U 2 luv d people U håve today. Gud nite
( > "*" < )
(-,-) zzz
Sshhh.. its only me putting a blanket on u...
So that u dont get cold, have a warm & gud nite sleep! n
sweet dreams.
Notice ur phone got heavier with this message? it contains load of love, affection and prayers to keep u happy n safe. have a nice sleep. Good nite!

Good nite SMS submitted by:- Ajit
This is my LAST message of d day 4 d person I care & luv
FIRST & d person that came into my mind is U....
so juz wanna wish you good nite...
This is my LAST message of d day 4 d person I care & luv
FIRST & d person that came into my mind is U....
so juz wanna wish you good nite...
Close ur eyes & imagine:Chand ka bed,Taron ki razai aur phoolon ka takiya!!!Nice na??Now come back to earth & sleep on ur KHATIA...Good Night.... Namaskar!!!! Ye Hamari Madhyaratri Seva Hai. Isme Hum aadhi raat ke baad logon ki neend kharab karte hai. Dhanyawaad. Ab so jaiye. Good Night.

Good night SMS submitted by:- Ashish
I wish Moon always be full & bright and U always be cool & right.Whenever U go to switch off the light,Remember that I m wishing U Good Night...!!!!
Kajal si khamosh raaton mein bhi, Dil mein roshni jagmagane lagti hai...Jab aap jaise pyara dost ka khayal aata hai,Aur hole se dil kehta hai Good Night.Sweet Dreams....
I wish moon always be full & bright !!!U always be cool & right!!! Whenever u go to switch off the light,Remember that I am wishing u Good Night...... Night doesn t become beautiful with star studded sky & full moon,It becomes beautiful when u go to sleep and let stars & moon admire ur innocence..Good night,,,
A late night greeting doesnt only mean good night It has a silent msg sayin.. ur my last thought at night..

Good night SMS submitted by:- mahesh
As day turns to NIGHT.,.Keep your worries out of SIGHT....No matter how TOUGH the world may seem...you still deserve the SWEETEST DREAM .....GOOD NIGHT.
Nobody teaches Sun to rise,Fish to swim,birds to fly,Plant to grow,Child to cry,& Nobody teaches a heart to choose a friend like U....Good Night... At this moment 3.7 Millions are sleeping,2.3 Millions are falling in Love,4.1 Million are eating & only one cute person in the whole world is reading my SMS....Good Night!!!
Sirf kam karne ke liye paida hua ho kam kar lena Agar fursat mile kamse to hume bhi yad kar lena Call,message nahi to ek miscall hi dena- Good Night A very original Good Night wish only for U!!!...Beware of cheap duplicates.... I m the only authorized dealer for Good Night wishes.... Good Night...Sweet Dreams...
Hai Moon! Dim Your Light... Hello Wind ! Breeze soft.. Hai flower! Blossom Slowly.. Hello Earth! spin gently.. Becoze My Dear is going to sleep!... Good Night.

Good night SMS submitted by:- Sujal
() """ ()
  ( ' ,' )
    '''       Hey u!!!

Yes u...

the cute one...

holding this


are you asleep?

Juste wanted 2 say

Good Night..!
mai tujse ek armaan mangta hun,tujse apni jaan mangta hun,tu so jayegi mobile off karke isliye ek good night kiss udhar mangta hun ati pratapi,ati tejaswi,dayalu,kripalu,jag shiromani, purn narottam,
ati sunder, nirbhik,nidar, parakrami, ______ ji sone ja rahe hai, gud

Good night SMS submitted by:- Trupti
( é
; )
( é
Still Awake?

( ê
; )
( ê

( |
; )
( |
Close your eyes!

( |
; )
( ê
both the eyes!

( >
; )
( >
Good night!
Apun 1 Sher

Fekarela hai

ho gayeli
Hai Night

Band Karne ka
Tube Light

aur soneka Tight,


BYE... Good Nite...

Saw my msg?


n0w, can u?

still can't??

c0z n0 wORds
can x-press how special u are!

Good night!

Good Night

Sleep Tight

Sweet Dreams

For what u r pressing button? that's all

Lorie bhi sunau kya?
    . + .' + ) .+
   + __ = + ' +
    / ___^   .;';';,
  ,,|__0_I I,,,)(,,,
Night finally arrived!
so b4 u sleep, i'd like 2 wish u...
     (,") Good Nite!
hal kaisa hai janab ka..
kya khayal hai aapka..
hum to so gaye ho ho ho..
tum bhi so jao ha ha ha...


When a Msg is sent from Distance...
U cannot c the faces,
U cannot c the smiles,
But U can sense the care that
truly comes from the heart...

Good night!

This is
Mid night service.
Our aim
is to
the sleep of
Thank u..

do not think of me...i m in ur eyes...in ur mind...in ur heart...in ur soul...everywhere...ever if u want me..just close ur eyes and listen i m saying.." i miss u"..Good Night.. Night is longer than day for those who DREAM,
and day is longer than night for those who make their
Wish you Good Night and Sweet Dreams!
Raat khamosh hai chand khamosh hai,Par dil mein shor ho raha hai. Kahi aisa to nahi ek pyara sa DOST bina Good night kahe so raha hai... See stars are blinking,Moon is shinning & breeze is singing... B coz I ask them to greet U a special Good Night...!!!
U r the reason why I have sleepless nihgts,U r the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight.U r the reason I can t sleep without saying Good Night..... I Live By Faith & Not By Sight .. So Whether I See U Or Not, Talk To U Or Not, I Know That U R Still The Same, A Friend Worth Keeping Till The End.... Good Nite.
()"""() WAIT...
( "o" ) Dont
(,><.) Sleep
let me pray

( -o-)
( ,(")),
Dear GoD, plz.
let my friend
get sweet dreams,
Gud nite!

A day is going to end again.
It is nice to have a friend like U making my
everyday seems to great.
Thank you my good friend.
Lastly good nite n sweet dreams...

Good night SMS submitted by:- Deepraj
Hayo Rabba!! Tussi so gaye? inni jaldi? ik mint ruko mainu gud nite te wish kar len do!! gudnite hai ji ! O tussi chaho to sweet dreams bhi dekh lena...  

Good night my very special friend,
I pray you lay in rest,
And may tomorrow bring you
Much love and happiness.
Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes, in ur heart
Good Night

sms submitted by sandy

Never blame a day in ur life.
Good days give u happiness.
Bad days give u experience.
Both are essential in life!
All are Gods blessings!
good night.

Good Night Sms submitted by Rancho

Last night I sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping.
He came back early, So i asked him why?
He said that angels dont watch over other angel. Good night!

sms submitted by Nilam

Aakash ke taro me khoya hai jaha sara,
Lagta he pyara ek ek tara,
Un taro me sabse pyara hai ek sitara,
Jo is wakt pad raha hai sms hamara
Gud nite !

sms submitted by Rekha

Sun wouldn't be red, 
Sea wouldn't be blue, 
I wouldn't be happy, 
Without disturbing u. “Gud Nite”

Good Night SMS by Chetan

A shining ANGEL stands beside ur silky bed,
Calling ur nice Name so softly,
Throwing flowers on yoU
nd saying Good Night nd Sweet Dreams

Good Night SMS by Pradip



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